About AMSI Engineer Pvt Ltd

We at, Amsi Engineer Pvt Ltd are a company that has been established as the major leader in the manufacturing of a range of fittings and connexions for construction projects. We have years of experience when it comes to making fittings for a range of industries and domains, no matter if it is for a single kind of use or a multi-faceted usage. With a comprehensive product line that we have developed over the years, we tend to provide the best solutions for connexions to major businesses that are looking to get their fittings perfectly fine.

Some of the products that we have are-  Steam Headers, Pipe Spooling, Water Storage Tank, Deaerator Tank, Hydraulic Fittings, Pipe Support, Saddle Support, Pipe Rack Fabrication, Structure Fabrication, U Clamp, Saddle Clamps, Rolled and welded Pipe, Fabricated Reducer, Mitter Bend.

We have the best of the supply chain network that we have built over the years to provide the products in no time. Hence, you can be sure that as soon as you order from us, your item will be dispatched for delivery, and it will be supplied as soon as possible.


History :

  • Founded in the year 1991, as AMSI Engineer Pvt Ltd Faridabad.
  • Progressively evolved to maintain a position of market leadership as Manufacturer & Supplier.
  • Operate in different Industries/Markets.
  • Expansion in product offering in order to fit the ever changing needs of our existing and new customers.
  • Expansion of Production Capacity of Pipe Fittings.


Vision and Mission :

  • We want to be better. We want to stay ahead.
  • Focus on the customer and continual improvement.
  • Expanding the range of product offerings to fit the ever-changing needs of our existing and emerging markets


What We Do Today :

Prefabricated piping - Design, Assembly and Fabrication of piping assemblies ranging from Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel.

  • A) Pipe Spooling
  • B) Fabrication of Headers
  • C) Rolled & Welded Pipes
  • D) Tanks
  • E) Foundation Bolts
  • G) Steel Structure Fabrication, Pipe Supports, Saddle Supports etc.
  • H) Butt Weld Seamless & Welded pipe fittings (IBR/EIL) - Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel.
  • I) Gaskets 
  • J) Flanges 
  • K) Outlets Fittings 
  • L) Valves etc